Our boardinghouse - Always a good alternative instead of a hotel

Stone and mortar are building a house but spirit and love fill it out

After 13 month construction time an old property from 1906 became an architectural eyecatcher which assimilate perfectly in the heart of Rülzheim. The compound between old and new was really a challenge but the opening in April 2014 showed: All of the 14 apartments were succeeded. We attached great importance of functional, high grade furnished but nevertheless comfortable furniture. But we also considered stylish details. The apartements have between 28 and 63 square metres and dispose of south balconies or south terraces and disposes of a completely equipped kitchen with the most modern devices and an exquisite bath equipment.

What does Boardinghouse mean?

The difference between a Boardinghouse to a hotel or a pension is, that a Boardinghouse is mostly chosen for a longer stay. Therefore, it is used above all by the companies which send employees of their companies for external projects to other locations for a longer period. Their accommodation in a Boardinghouse is substantially more favorable than at a hotel. But, however, it is also suited very well for family vacations, only for short trip or for the single overnight stay. One lives in the Boardinghouse very self-sufficiently. Besides, the excellent infrastructure and the regional attractive surrounding area guarantees feeling fine also after the working day.

We are specially proud of it

We have met with the construction of the Boardinghouse Rülzheimz the spirit of the times of the strong economic region of Rülzheim and can bring close with it to businessmen as well as private individuals not only the charm of the Southern Palatinate, but also bind the buying power in the municipality. The business development in Rülzheim shows that the achievement property of the association has not pushed municipality still long to its borders. Our Boardinghouse enriches our municipality and became in the shortest time a drop-in centre for vacations in our wonderful southern Palatinate.
We hope to welcome you soon in the heart of Southern Palatinate.

Doris Faßbender & Martin Bahlinger